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Don Rossmoore,  Ed.M., M.S., Ph.D.

Specialist in complex human systems, and its many elements -- power, politics, strategy, leadership, morale, operations, communication, decision-making, problem solving, conflict resolution, and operations

Consultant to Owner / Operators, Equity Partnerships, and Corporate Officers

Most of my clients improve the value of their capital portfolios and organizations. Almost all learn to do the following:

Site Description

What Clients Say offers deep and rich descriptions, by my clients, of their experience and results, working with me.

A Partial Client List shows the range and depth of my experience.

Services describe the various ways I work with clients.

Writings are of various lengths and depths. All apply my action science perspective to issues of learning, leadership and organization.

Cases describe my work, from my point of view. Names, geographies and businesses have been altered to each client’s satisfaction.

Why Clients Hire Me

"Evaluate and reorganize our fifteen year old Real Estate business which was highly profitable but had outgrown our casual ad hoc management style."

"Help me with the turnaround-- managing the board better, and changing the culture from the board to the manufacturing floors."

"Avoid costly litigation among our family partners."

"Transfer control to my children."

"Turn my far flung organization into a team, integrating a half dozen groups, on three continents, who had always competed, and loved their autonomy."

My Credentials

Ed.M., Harvard University, 1976
M.S. (Management), University of California, Los Angeles, 1979
Ph.D. (Management), University of California, Los Angeles, 1983

At Harvard, I studied action science, leadership, organizational behavior, group dynamics and developmental psychology.

Under an NIMH grant at Boston State HospitaI I studied group dynamics, family systems theory and psychodynamic theory, and participated in nine encounter groups a week for two academic years.

At UCLA I continued my study of leadership, organizational behavior and group dynamics and added strategy, planning and general systems theory. My dissertation studied the efficacy of a variety of management training approaches current at the time.


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